BIRD TOURS: Italy, Western Sahara, Finland, Estonia, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Gambia, Ghana, Morocco, South Africa, Namibia, California, Minnesota, Nepal


Golden Nightjars and Sand Cats 
Join us on this exciting new tour searching for the newly discovered Golden Nightjar, Dunn’s Lark, Cricket Longtail & vagrants. We will also be looking for key mammals on this trip too with possibilities of Sand Cat and Fennec Fox and more!
Click on the Golden Nightjar by Peter Stronach



Rock-Partridge-300wideMAY 2017 ITALY:
Rock Partridge & Bears
This 5 day break is focused on trying to see the endemic Marsican Brown Bear in the beautiful Abruzzo NP. However, just a short drive away is a very reliable spot to see one of the Western Palearctic’s harder species, the Rock Partridge. On one day we shall visit this area to search for this difficult bird. The rest of the tour will be spent bear watching and looking for other birds such as White-backed Woodpecker and Collared Flycatcher. Click on the Rock Partridge by Ian Merrill for more details.




Northern Owls & Taiga Specilaities Value Tour

This tour is all about the Finnish specialities focusing on trying to see all the key birds in the shortest time. A 4 night break should be just enough time to find all the Owls. We shall target Great Grey Owl, Ural Owl, Hawk Owl, Tengmalm’s Owl and Pygmy Owl as well as numerous other specialities such as Siberian Jay, Siberian Tit, Willow Grouse, Red-flanked Bluetail and more! Click on the Tengmalm’s Owl to find out more Also available with Wolverine Extension – See Mammal Tours


Yucatan-JayJULY 2017 MEXICO:
Birds & Whale Sharks of the Yucatan Peninsula
The Yucatan Peninsula is an expansive limestone Peninsula that extends northward into the Gulf of Mexico and eastward into the Caribbean Sea. The area has around 548 bird species and as many as 16 regional endemics making it a superb birding destination. Our itinerary takes us to a variety of the best birding habitats, including mangrove estuaries, tropical forest, lowland jungle and the endless turquoise seas where we will spend the last two days of our tour looking for and an option to swim with the graceful Whale Shark! This is a fairly relaxed birding tour where with plenty of time to visit some of the magnificent archeological ruins too. Click on the Yucatan Jay to find out more

wcreeper-800AUGUST 2017 NORTHERN SPAIN:
Wallcreepers, Wolves & Wildcats:
This five day break to a very special range of mountains in Northern Spain gives you a good chance of seeing what has to be one of the most highly prized of Alpine birds, the Wallcreeper as well as time spent looking for Wolves and Wildcats! We will be based in the beautiful Cantabrian Mountains in the heart of Wolf and Willdcat county but also great for birding. When visiting the nearby Picos Mountains we will look for Wallcreeper, Snow Finch, Alpine Accentor and more! Click on the Wallcreeper to find out more.


bf-albatrossSEPTEMBER 2017 CALIFORNIA:
Bobcats, Bears, Seabirds & Yosemite:
California has a great climate and plenty of wildlife and September is the perfect time for seabirds as well as some key mammals. The tour focuses on four areas – Monterey Bay for its abundance of marine life, the Panoche Valley for Bobcats and arid speciality birds, Sequoia NP for Black Bears and Yosemite National Park for stunning scenery and many great birds. Click on the Black-footed Albatross for more information.


Penguins, Pumas, Plovers & Petrels!
We are very excited to announce this new tour that quite simply has everything! It has fabulous waders, such as the highly sought after Diademed Sandpiper Plover, Magellanic Plover and Rufous-chested Dotterel, stunning seabirds including numerous Albatrosses, a visit to a King Penguin colony, a good chance of Puma and other mammals and all in a spectacular landscape! Click on the Diademed Sandpiper Plover to find out more!

Blue ManakinNOVEMBER 2017 BRAZIL:
Atlantic Rainforest Bird Lodges REGUA & Itororo
This exciting two base birding holiday stays in two of the best bird lodges in the Atlantic Forest; the Eco-Lodge Itororó and REGUA Bird lodge, both within 3 hours drive of Rio de Janeiro. We spend five nights at each of these fabulous and very comfortable lodges both with great birding from the garden and also perfect for a non-birding partner to relax. Both lodges are located at different altitudes and therefore attract different species and are well placed for many of the speciality birds. The beauty of this tour, is that many of the birding trails are very close to both lodges. Birding really does start on the doorstep with first class bird feeders in the grounds of both lodges and a bird rich wetland with hides, visible from the Lodge grounds at REGUA. Hummingbirds are also regular visitors to the feeders at both lodges. Click on the Blue Manakin to find out more

Kruger NP and Madikwe Birds & Mammals
This new tour is designed to visit the best parts of South Africa for some of the harder mammals and for finding a good selection of key birds of the region, at a time of year when both bird and mammal activity should be high. The itinerary will spend a considerable amount of time in the world famous Kruger National Park, visiting some of the areas best for birding as well as for mammal interest. Click on the Lilac-breasted Roller for more details.

Winter Wild Goose Chase!

This short winter break is designed to enjoy the spectacle of hundreds, possibly thousands (dependent on the year) of Red-breasted Geese and Greater White-fronted Geese. We spend three nights in Bulgaria birding the various wetland RAMSAR sites and two nights  in Romania where, geese aside, winter birding can be very exciting. Other target species include Syrian Woodpecker, Pallas’s Gull, Dalmatian Pelican and roosting Long-eared Owls.  Click on the Red-breasted Geese to find out more

Northern Owls and Canada Lynx

This fabulous winter break to Minnesota is primarily focused on trying to see Canada or Canadian Lynx. However, dependent on our success, we will also make a couple of day trips to look for Owls. At this time of year, we have excellent chances of finding Great Grey Owl, Snowy Owl, Hawk Owl, maybe Barred Owl and possibly Northern Saw-Whet. We will also look for Pine Grosbeak, Evening Grosbeak, Sharp-tailed Grouse and rarities! Click on the Great Grey Owl to find out more.





Steller's-Eider-300FEBRUARY 2018 ESTONIA:
Steller’s Eider Long Weekend
A great short break to Estonia focusing on the winter specials! This time of year is perfect for seeing large flocks of Steller’s Eider which winter off the Estonian coast. We will spend 2 nights on the island of Saaremaa and a night on the mainland where we hope to find a good selection of winter birds. Late winter is a great time of year for seeing owls, with Hawk Owl, Ural Owl, Tengmalm’s Owl and Pygmy Owl all possible. Grey-headed Woodpecker, Black Woodpecker, White-backed Woodpecker, Nutcracker, Capercaillie and Hazel Grouse are also possible on this great 4 day break. Click on the beautiful drake Steller’s Eider to find out more!


Birds, Red Pandas and Tigers
We are pleased to have this new tour that is packed full of great birds as well as some iconic mammal species too! This 16 day tour visits the mountain region of Dobate for Red Pandas and montance specialities, Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve for great birding and finally Chitwan NP for Tigers and more great birding. Speciality birds we hope to find include gems such as Scaly Thrush, Siberian Rubythroat as well as Indian Courser, Blue-bearded Bee-Eater, Red-headed Trogon and Bengal Florican to name just a few. Click on the Siberian Rubythroat to find out more! 

Moussier's-300-wideAPRIL 2018 SOUTHERN MOROCCO:
Birders’ Specialities Tour

A fantastic12 day tour focusing on the specialities that this great country has to offer. From the spectacular Atlas mountains to the barren Sahara Desert and concluding on the Atlantic Coast. This trip is packed full of birds, great scenery, great food and great accommodation! Target species include: Thick-billed Lark, Tristram’s Warbler, African Desert Warbler, Crimson-winged Finch, Northern Bald Ibis and Pharaoh Eagle Owl to name just a few. Click on the Moussier’s Redstart for more

Golden Nightjars and Sand Cats 
Join us on this exciting tour searching for the newly discovered Golden Nightjar, Dunn’s Lark, Cricket Longtail & vagrants. We will also be looking for key mammals on this trip too with possibilities of Sand Cat and Fennec Fox and more!
Click on the Golden Nightjar by Peter Stronach


HyacinthsAUGUST 2018 BRAZIL:
Northern Pantanal & Cerrado Birds & Mammals
This tour is focused on seeing the key birds and mammals of the Cerrado grasslands close to the Chapadas dos Guimaraes NP and the vast wetlands of the Northern Pantanal. The Cerrado is a vast tropical savanna ecoregion of Brazil where many speciality birds can be found. This tour begins close to the Chapadas dos Guimaraes NP where we stay for 3 nights and target many of the key birds such as Collared Crescentchest and Horned Sungem. We also have a good chance of Maned Wolf! The Pantanal is one of the world’s largest wetlands and during August it is teeming with wildlife. Our focus shall be all wildlife, but with a particular effort to see the key birds and the key mammals during our 9 night stay. Watching Jabirus, Roseate Spoonbills and Wood Storks feeding together, looking for Agami or Zig Zag Heron, searching for Giant Anteater or simply watchiing the world’s largest macaw, the Pantanal is quite simply fabulous for wildlife! Our itinerary also has two full days dedicated to exploring the river Cuiaba and its tributaries by boat where we have our best chance of finding  Jaguar! Click on the Hyacinth Macaws to find out more

Black-Dwarf-Hornbill-300-wiNOVEMBER 2018 GHANA:
Picathartes & Plover Tour

This 16 day tour focuses on all the specialities of Ghana’s wonderful forest and savannah species. The itinerary covers the usual haunts of Kakum, Atewa and of course the “must see” Yellow-headed Picathartes site. However, we will also spend some time in the often neglected Ankasa Forest Reserve which has some of the best forest in Ghana. A trip to the far north includes Mole NP with great birds and mammals and a day looking for Egyptian Plovers in the Bolgatanga Region. Ghana is a great country with some great birds and very friendly people. Click on the Black Dwarf Hornbill to find out more.