MOROCCO: Birders’ Specialities Tour
£1,650 plus flight for 10 days

Birding in Morocco is both scenic and exciting and the country has many first class birds, including a number of near-endemics such as the stunning Moussier’s Redstart, Tristram’s Warbler, Levaillant’s Woodpecker and more than 100 breeding pairs of Northern Bald Ibis From the snow-capped Atlas Mountains at around 2600m, to the low lying beautiful dunes of the Sahara Desert – the birds we see are always against an impressive backdrop wherever we are! Whether it be watching the prehistoric looking and critically endangered Northern Bald Ibis flocks shuffling across the coast at Tamri, seeing beautiful male Moussier’s Redstarts perched on roadside bushes, waiting at dusk for a view of the mystical Egyptian Nightjar or Pharaoh Eagle Owl, sifting through migrants in a desert hotel garden, watching African Desert Warblers in the sand dunes or simply enjoying the desert scenery amongst camels, or watching the sun set on the mighty Massa Estuary, there is something for everyone on a Morocco birding adventure! Find out more by clicking on the Egyptian Nightjar