MAMMAL TOURS – Marsican Bear, Iberian Lynx, Eurasian Lynx, Canadian Lynx, Bobcat, Puma, Jaguar, Wolverine, Wildcats & Wolves, Blue Whale, Whale Shark, Red Panda & Tiger


Marsican-Bear-400MAY 2018 ITALY:
Bears and Rock Partridge  
Just two hours from Rome and you are in the beautiful Abruzzo National Park. Here you have an excellent chance of seeing the endemic Marsican Brown Bear and a reasonable chance of seeing Wolf without having to visit an expensive baited hide. Birds include Rock Partridge and White-backed Woodpecker. This is ideal if you wish to visit Rome at the beginning or end of the tour too! Click on the Marsican Brown Bear to find out more and see fantastic videos of previous trips!


WolverineMAY 2018 FINLAND: 
Wolverines, Bears & Saimaa Ringed Seal

This is a short break of just 3 days specifically to see Wolverines and a chance of Brown Bears from specially constructed photography hides. We will spend two nights in the hides which allow some fabulous viewing of these wonderful animals. Wolverines are almost guaranteed at this time of year and there is an excellent chance of Bear too as we have been successful for the last two years. There is an outside chance of seeing Great Grey Owl too.
Now with new Saimaa Ringed Seal extension!
Click on the Wolverine to find out more details!



Snow Leopards & Pallas’s Cat

Join us on this new and exciting tour in search of one of the most sought after cats in the world, the magical Snow Leopard! Mongolia has recently become the new destination for seeing Snow Leopard and in much more comfortable temperatures than elsewhere in the world! We shall focus our time on seeing this cat along with other mammals and a good chance of Pallas’s Cat too! Click on the Snow Leopard for full itinerary



Birds & Whale Sharks of the Yucatan Peninsula
The Yucatan Peninsula is an expansive limestone Peninsula that extends northward into the Gulf of Mexico and eastward into the Caribbean Sea. Our itinerary takes us to a variety of the best birding habitats, including mangrove estuaries, tropical forest and lowland jungle. On the last two days of our tour we will look for the graceful Whale Shark! This is a fairly relaxed birding tour where with plenty of time to visit some of the magnificent archeological ruins too. Click on the Whale Shark to find out more

Northern Pantanal Jaguars, Maned Wolf & Birds
This great tour is jam packed with wildlife with fabulous viewing opportunities. The focus of this tour is all wildlife with a particular focus on seeing two key mammals, the Maned Wolf and the mighty Jaguar. We spend three nights in the Cerrado at the start of the tour with an excellent chance of Maned Wolf which we saw from our lodge in 2015! We also spend three nights at Porto Jofre in the Pantanal and will have two days on the river searching for Jaguars, giving us the very best chance of connecting with this beautiful cat. Another six nights at other lodges along the Transpantaneira allows for seeing plenty of other wildlife, again focusing on mammals such as Giant Anteater as well as a good selection of the key bird species. This is a great tour for photography too! Click on the Jaguar to find out more



CALIFORNIA: Bobcats, Bears, Whales & Yosemite!
A fabulous 11 night wildlife watching bonanza packed full of mammals and some impressive birds too! We visit Monterey Bay for cetaceans where Humpback Whales and Blue Whales should perform as well as numerous dolphin species. A stay in Yosemite and Sequoia NPs for stunning scenery and an excellent chance of finding Black Bears and Great Grey Owl. Plus a good chance of finding Bobcats near Pinnacles NP. Something for everyone in this beautiful sunny state! Click on the Bobcat from our 2017 tour to find out more


Pumas, Penguins, Plovers & Petrels!
We are very excited to announce this new tour that quite simply has everything as we cover the Central region of Chile and the far south in Patagonia. A full day dedicated to tracking Pumas in the fabulous Torres del Paine NP, some fabulous birds including the highly sought after Diademed Sandpiper Plover, stunning seabirds including numerous Albatrosses, and good chances of Commerson’s & Peale’s Dolphins. Add in a visit to a King Penguin colony, some spectacular scenery and what more could you ask for! Click on the Puma to find out more!

Lynx-for-webFEBRUARY 2019
Iberian Lynx, Cranes & Eagles

The Iberian Lynx is one of the rarest cats in the world and this tour gives you an excellent chance of seeing this stunning animal. Whilst looking for the Iberian Lynx, we will be distracted by Azure-winged Magpies and numerous raptors overhead, like the Black Vulture and endemic Spanish Imperial Eagle and all amidst beautiful scenery. Add to this, hundreds of Common Cranes at a nearby wetland and this all makes for a great short break. Click on the Iberian Lynx for full itinerary & videos from recent tours

Canadian Lynx & Northern Owls
This fabulous winter break to Minnesota is primarily focused on trying to see the Canada or Canadian Lynx. Our Feb 2017 and 2018 tours have been a great success as highlighted by the photo to the left that was taken on the tour! Late Feb seems to show a peak in sightings at our specially constructed viewing areas.  Other mammals we hope to find include American Marten, Fisher and Moose. Birding is about quality rather than quality and is also timed for Owls as well as other species. Great Grey and Snowy Owl and Sharp-tailed grouse are just some of the expected species. Click on the Canada Lynx to find out more.



MARCH 2019 NEPAL: Red Pandas, Tigers & Birds
A great new tour visiting this wonerdful country during the best time for seeing Red Pandas as well as some great birds. We shall spend a number of nights at Dobate in the SE of Nepal where we have a high chance of seeing this charismatic animal. We will also visit Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve for birding as well as mammals such as Jungle Cat and Gangetic River Dolphin. Finally, a visit to nearby Chitwan should also reveal one of the best cat’s on the planet, the mighty Tiger. Click on the Red Panda to find out more.