Please Note: Tours without “live” links are either full, not running or have returned and give a link to the 2021 tour itinerary


ESTONIA: Lynx Quest Now taking bookings for March 2020 tour below

JAMAICA: Endemic Birding Tour NEW with Stu Elsom  Now taking bookings for 2021 HERE

SOUTHERN SPAIN: Iberian Lynx & Eagles  Now taking bookings for 2021 HERE

SENEGAL: Scissor-tailed Kites, Quail Plover & Golden Nightjar   Now taking bookings for 2021 HERE


CALIFORNIA IN WINTER: Snow Geese, Whales & Bobcats!  Now taking bookings for 2021 HERE

Pacific White-sided Dolphins, a species we hope to see in February

ESTONIA: Steller’s Eider Winter Break   Still places

COSTA RICA: The Classic Birding Tour   NEW with Stu Elsom   Still places

MARCH 2020

MINNESOTA: Canada Lynx & Northern Owls  Now taking bookings for 2021 HERE

SRI LANKA: Nocturnal Mammals plus Blue Whales  Now taking bookings for 2021 HERE

ESTONIA: Lynx Quest!   Still places

NEPAL: Just Red Pandas with Satyr Tragopans   Still places

WESTERN SAHARA: Western Palearctic Speciality Birds   3 places remaining

APRIL 2020


SOUTHERN MOROCCO: High Atlas to Desert to Coast   Still places

GREECE: Bird Migration on the Island of Kos  Only 1 place remaining

European Bee-Eater, a species we should see on our Kos Tour

GEORGIA & ARMENIA: Birding Special NEW   TOUR FULL: Now taking bookings for 2021 HERE

MAY 2020

SOUTHERN TURKEY: Snowcocks, Accentors & Brown Fish Owl   Still places

CANADA: Long Point and Pelee Warbler Flyway  NEW   

The stunning Scarlet Tanager is just one of many brightly coloured gems we will see in Canada

FINLAND: Wolverines & Bears   4 places remaining

Wolverines have been seen on all previous tours

ITALY: Bears of Abruzzo Short Break   Still places

JUNE 2020

MONGOLIA: The Full Birding Circuit   6 places remaining

JULY 2020

ENGLAND: Budleigh Beavers, Buntings and Cream Tea! NEW   Early July tour confirmed. Other dates available

UGANDA: Shoebills, Pittas, Broadbills & Gorillas   6 places remaining


MONGOLIA: Snow Leopard & Pallas’s Cat Quest 1   4 places remaining

MONGOLIA: Snow Leopard & Pallas’s Cat Quest 2   Still places

Snow Leopard, possibly the ultimate cat!


NORTHERN SPAIN: Wildcats, Wolves & Wallcreepers   Still places

GEORGIA: BATUMI Raptor Migration NEW   2 places remaining

SOUTH AFRICA: Special Mammals & Birds NEW   TOUR FULL

BRAZIL: Relaxed Pantanal with Jaguars & Birds NEW leisurely itinerary   Still places

Giant Anteaters will be high on list of target species in the Northern Pantanal


CHILE: Penguins, Pumas & Plovers   Still places

FRANCE: Ouessant Island searching for scarce and rare migrants   No flight required


ECUADOR: Spectacled Bears, Mountain Tapirs & Birds NEW   Still places

ETHIOPIA: Birding with Wolves  Still places

GHANA: Plovers to Picathartes   6 places remaining

All of our tours to Ghana have seen the fabulous Yellow-headed Picathartes


BRAZIL: Atlantic Forest Birding 2 Base Holiday   4 places remaining