Tour itineraries in black-and-white are being worked on and will be online in the coming weeks.
So keep checking this page!
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JAMAICA: Endemic Birding Tour with Stu Elsom

SENEGAL: Scissor-tailed Kites, Quail Plover & Golden Nightjar
7 places remaining

SOUTHERN SPAIN: Iberian Lynx and Cranes


CALIFORNIA IN WINTER: Whales, Bobcats & Snow Geese

INDIA: Bharatpur, Chambal River & Tadoba Tigers!

MINNESOTA: Canada Lynx and Northern Owls

Canada Lynx, Minnesota by Chris Townend

MARCH 2021

ESTONIA: Lynx Quest!

APRIL 2021

GEORGIA & ARMENIA: Birding the Caucasus

GREECE: Kos Island Migration

COLORADO: Grouse and Mountain Specialities
6 places remaining

Greater and Lesser Prairie Chickens by Christian Hagenlocher, The Birding Project

MAY 2021

FINLAND: Northern Owls & Taiga Specialities for Birders

TAIWAN: Endemics plus Fairy Pitta and Whales!

Itinerary coming soon

JUNE 2021

ALASKA: Eiders, Curlews, Auklets and Bears!  
6 places remaining

Parakeet and Least Auklets, Alaska by Sulli Gibson

MONGOLIA: The full birding tour

NAMIBIA: Birds by day and Mammals by night

JULY 2021

BRAZIL: Emas National Park and Southern Pantanal Mammals!
Only 3 places remaining!

Maned Wolf, Emas NP by Ana Luzia


WEST PAPUA: Birds of Paradise & much more!
Only 4 places remaining

SOUTH AFRICA: Rare mammals & Birds
Itinerary and dates soon

Magnificent bird of Paradise, West Papua by Sujan Chatterjee


BORNEO: Birding Special & Clouded Leopard 8 night extension


JAPAN: Cranes, Eagles, Snow Monkeys & Fish Owls
Dec 1st – 13th