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Yellow-fronted Barbet, Sri Lanka by Chris Townend

JAMAICA: Endemic Birding Tour

SRI LANKA: Birders’ Endemics Tour
Dates and itinerary coming soon

SPAIN: Iberian Lynx, Eagles and Cranes

MONGOLIA: Winter Snow Leopards


Canada Lynx, Minnesota by Chris Townend

INDIA: Bharatpur, Chambal River & Tadoba Tigers!

MINNESOTA: Just Canada Lynx
Private Tour Full

APRIL 2022

Greater and Lesser Prairie Chickens by Christian Hagenlocher, The Birding Project

GEORGIA & ARMENIA: Birding the Caucasus

COLORADO & KANSAS: Grouse and Mountain Specialities
Tour Full

MAY 2022

TAIWAN: Endemic birds, Fairy Pitta and Whales
Dates and itinerary coming soon

JUNE 2022

Pallas’s Sandgrouse, Mongolia by Chris Townend

MONGOLIA: The Full Birding Tour 
Dates and itinerary coming soon

JULY 2022

Shoebil, Mabamba Swamp Uganda by Chris Townend

UGANDA: Just Shoebills and Gorillas Tour
Dates and itinerary coming soon


MONGOLIA: Asian migrant birds and Snow Leopard
Dates and itinerary coming soon


Magnificent Bird-of-Paradise, West Papua by Sujan Chatterjee

BRAZIL: Relaxed Pantanal with Jaguars & Birds 

SOUTH AFRICA: Rare Mammals & Birds
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WEST PAPUA: Birds of Paradise & more!
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Giant Anteater, Brazil’s Northern Pantanal


ECUADOR: Spectacled Bears, Mountain Tapirs & Birds 
Dates and itinerary coming soon