Snow Leopard, Mongolia by Gana Boss

SENEGAL: Scissor-tailed Kites, Quail Plover & Golden Nightjar

JAMAICA: Endemic Birding Tour

MONGOLIA: Winter Snow Leopards


Mixed Wader Roost, San Francisco Bay by Chris Townend

CALIFORNIA: Whales, Bobcats and Snow Geese

MINNESOTA: Canada Lynx & Northern Owls
Just 1 place remaining
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INDIA: Bharatpur, Chambal River & Tadoba Tigers!

MARCH 2023

African Golden Cat by Patrick Gijsbers

UGANDA: African Golden Cat Quest! Plus Shoebill
Two Tours 

NEPAL: Red Pandas & Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve

APRIL 2023

White-throated Robin, Armenia by Chris Townend

WESTERN SAHARA: Mostly Mammals

ESTONIA: Wildfowl spectacular, Great Snipe and Bear

MOROCCO: Atlas Mountains, Desert & Coast Birding Tour

COLORADO & KANSAS: Grouse and Mountain Specialities
Just 1 place remaining

GREECE: Kos Island Migration
Coming soon

SRI LANKA: Nocturnal Mammals & Blue Whales

GEORGIA & ARMENIA: Birding the Caucasus

GEORGIA & ARMENIA: Mostly Mammals
Coming soon

MAY 2023

Great Grey Owl, Finland by Chris Townend

CANADA: Point Pelee and Long Point Migration!
4 places remaining

FINLAND: Northern Owls & Taiga Specialities for Birders

FINLAND: Wolverines, Bears & Saimaa Ringed Seal

ITALY: Abruzzo Bears & Rock Partridge
Coming soon

SOUTHERN TURKEY: Snowcocks, Accentors & Brown Fish Owl 

JUNE 2023

Parakeet and Least Auklets, Alaska by Sulli Gibson

ALASKA: Eiders, Curlews, Auklets and Bears!

JULY 2023

Giant Anteater, Northern Pantanal by Chris Townend

UGANDA: Shoebills and Gorillas Short Tour

BRAZIL: Emas NP and Southern Pantanal Mammals
Just 3 places available


Pallas’s Sandgrouse, Mongolia by Chris Townend

MONGOLIA: Asian Migrants and Snow Leopards!


Western Crowned Pigeon, West Papua by Sujan Chatterjee

WEST PAPUA: Birds of Paradise Birding Adventure!


Thick-billed Ravens, Ethiopia

ETHIOPIA: Birding with Wolves  


Pin-tailed Manakin, Atlantic Forest by Chris Townend

BRAZIL: Atlantic Forest Itororo & REGUA