We have recently returned from a fabulous tour to Mongolia. The following photos are just some of the highlights for you to enjoy! We will be running this tour again in August 2020.

Mongolia: Snow Leopard habitat
Mongolia: Lammergeier
Mongolia: Dark morph Upland Buzzard
Mongolia: Black Kite
Mongolia: Cinereous Vultures
Mongolia: Pallas’s Sandgrouse
Mongolia: Pallas’s Sandgrouse
Mongolia: Oriental Plover
Mongolia: Asian Dowitcher
Mongolia: Terek Sandpiper
Mongolia: Pallas’s Cats by tour participant John Bruce
Mongolia: Przewalski’s Horse
Mongolia: Siberian Jerboa
Mongolia: White-naped Cranes
Mongolia: Demoiselle Crane
Mongolia: Hooded Cranes
Mongolia: White-backed Woodpecker
Mongolia: White-crowned Penduline Tit
Mongolia: Azure Tit
Mongolia: Scanning for Cats by tour participant Charles Hood
Mongolia: Henderson’s Ground Jay
Mongolia: Godlewski’s Bunting
Mongolia: Kozlov’s Accentor, Mongolia’s only true endemic bird
Mongolia: Paddyfield Warbler
Mongolia: Steppe Grey Shrike
Mongolia: Wolves
Mongolia: Wild Ass
Mongolia: Corsac Fox
Mongolia: Black-tailed Gazelle