Wise Birding Holidays believe wildlife tourism is important, as without it, many of the special places in the world and the associated wildlife will simply disappear. We like to use local guides and see local communities and businesses benefit from our tours and we try and let as many people as possible know that we are visiting their country because of the wildlife.

Despite the important benefits that wildlife tours bring to these countries, often flying is the only realistic option to get there. Therefore, we are trying to find tours that might allow greener forms of transport to get you to the tour start point. Over the coming months we will be adding new itineraries which will allow you to travel to the tour start point by train or ship. We are working with a travel consultant who can advise on fares and routes.

A few examples are listed below and we hope to increase these tours in the future.

JULY 2020
DEVON: Budleigh Beavers, Buntings & Cream Tea!

NORTHERN SPAIN: Wildcats, Wolves & Wallcreepers

FRANCE: Ouessant Island searching for scarce and rare migrants 

MAY 2021
ITALY: Bears of Abruzzo Short Break

Future Itineraries:

CORSICA: Nuthatch & Finch Short Break

NORTHERN SPAIN: Lammergeier Photography