We are a small wildlife watching holiday company based in Devon (UK) specialising in birdwatching and mammal watching holidays across the world. We have been running tours for many years now and we are proud to have a very high number of returning customers.
Three key elements to our tours are:

1 – small group sizes:  average 5 people. Max. group size is usually 8
2 – a commitment to conservation: a donation after each tour
3 – have fun: we are always focused on key species but we believe it is important to have fun too!

In our experience, group size is the one most important thing that our customers ask about time and time again. Small group sizes give a far better wildlife watching experience and sometimes it can help in obtaining better views of the wildlife.
We always use experienced guides familiar with the destinations we visit and our guides work hard to maximise your chances of seeing as much wildlife as possible with a focus on quality views.

Commitment to Conservation
We are also passionate about conservation and we believe in trying to help preserve the wonderful species and habitats that we visit. Since 2012 we have donated around £2,500 to a number of small conservation projects that we support. Currently (September 2020) a further £7,800 is safe in a central conservation fund ready to support a larger conservation project in the near future. You can find out more about the projects we support by clicking the Conservation link on the menu bar.

Please click on the links on the menu bar at the top of this page and see what tours we have for the coming months. I look forward to guiding you on a holiday soon!

Chris Townend
Principal Guide and Company Owner