Our Isles of Scilly trip report from October 2021 is now online. Take a look HERE
We are very pleased to be running this  Autumn Birding Gold tour again during October 2022, or if you prefer a Spring visit to the islands then why not join our Spring Migrants & Seabirds tour in May 2022. Both these tours are run by Will Wagstaff, who knows the island’s bird life better than anyone and is a very relaxed guide with a reputation for finding many unusual rarities!

St Martin’s looking towards Lawrence’s Bay, by Chris Townend


We were thrilled to finally be able to run our first oversea tour since the start of the pandemic and it was great to be out leading one of our favourite tours again with a wonderful group of people. We have just returned from a very successful tour to Minnesota where. once again, we were successful in seeing the simply stunning Canada Lynx as well as some other fantastic birds and mammals.

The clear highlight of the tour was watching a superb large male Canada Lynx for over 90 minutes at close range and it looked all the more stunning in the snow! Other highlights included Pine Grosbeak, Evening Grosbeak, Rough-legged Buzzard, Spruce and Ruffed Grouse, Canada Jay, a fabulous drake Harlequin Duck and no less than 3 Great Grey Owls and 3 Snowy Owls! Mammal highlights included Wolf, American Marten and American Beaver.
Just some of the photos from the tour can be seen below.

We have been successful with seeing Canada Lynx every year since 2016 now and this tour fills quickly so please email if interested for 2023.

Male Canada Lynx, Nov 2021 by Chris Townend

Male Canada Lynx, Nov 2021 by Chris Townend

Great Grey Owl at Sax Zim Bog, Nov 2021 by Chris Townend

Great Grey Owl at Sax Zim Bog, Nov 2021 by Chris Townend

Red-breasted Nuthatch at Gunflint Lake, Nov 2021 by Chris Townend

Cedar Waxwing in Duluth, Nov 2021 by Chris Townend

Male Harlequin Duck and Goldeneyes in Grand Marais, Nov 2021 by tour participant John Weir

Female Pine Grosbeak at Gunflint Lake, Nov 2021 by Chris Townend

Rough-legged Buzzard at Sax Zim Bog, Nov 2021 by Chris Townend

Snowy Owl in Wisconsin, Nov 2021 by Chris Townend

Snowy Owl in Wisconsin State, Nov 2021 by Chris Townend

Canada Jays at Sax Zim Bog, Nov 2021 by Chris Townend

Great Grey Owl at Sax Zim Bog, Nov 2021 by Chris Townend

DECEMBER 2020: Devon Tours for 2021

We are pleased to promote Devon Beaver & Wildlife Tours which will be running day and evening tours in Devon.

AUGUST 2020: Devon Beavers to remain on the River Otter, Devon!

Following a five-year trial to monitor the beavers’ effects on the landscape, the government announced on the 6th August 2020 that they have given permission for the re-established colony to remain! This makes it the first legally sanctioned reintroduction of an extinct native mammal to England and is fantastic news!

We have just uploaded tour summaries from our recent Beavers & Buntings Tours from July and August. As usual, they are packed full of photos. You can see them HERE & HERE
These tours all donated to the Devon Wildlife Trust River Otter Beaver Trial

JULY 2020: Devon Beavers & Buntings

Our recent 3 night breaks to East Devon are proving very popular. We have enjoyed some great views of Beavers and their very cute kits on all three nights! Plus some excellent views of Cirl Buntings and a good selection of dragonflies and butterflies including Golden-ringed Dragonfly, Keeled Skimmer, Small Red Damselfly and Silver-washed Fritillary.
We are running these tours throughout August. Only two people required and your best chance of seeing the beavers with kits. Email us with dates that work best for you! See recent testimonial HERE

Eurasian Beaver with kit, River Otter by Chris Townend

Eurasian Beaver, River Otter by Chris Townend

Eurasian Beaver, River Otter by Chris Townend

Male Cirl Bunting, East Devon by Chris Townend

The stunning Jurassic coast, East Devon by Chris Townend

APRIL 2020: Minnesota Trip Report

Canada Lynx, Minnesota by Andy Stanbury

New trip report now online – See Trip Reports on main header

APRIL 2020: New Trip Reports Added

Surf Scoter, California Feb 2020 by Chris Townend

Our Iberian Lynx and Eagles Tour Report from January 2020 and our Northern California Tour Report from February are both online under Trip Reports or using the individual links below:
SPAIN JAN 2020: Iberian Lynx and Eagles
CALIFORNIA FEB 2020: Whales, Condors, Bobcats & Snow Geese

MARCH 2020: Minnesota Lynx success again

Our Minnesota Canada Lynx and Northern Owls tour has now sadly come to an end for this year and, once again, we were successful with our quest to see Canada Lynx. We have learned a great deal over the last five years of tours in how best to see this elusive cat and this year’s encounters were simply fantastic! We enjoyed sightings on 6 days of at least 3 cats!

As always, our full day at Sax Zim Bog was a great start to the tour and highlights included Great Grey Owl, Snowy Owl, Northern Hawk Owl and Barred Owl, plus American Three-toed Woodpecker, Black-backed Woodpecker and Evening Grosbeak. Whereas a North American Porcupine and Snowshoe Hare were the mammal highlights.
During our week searching for Lynx we enjoyed great views of Spruce Grouse, Ruffed Grouse, Grey Jay, Cedar Waxwing and Boreal Chickadee. Whilst other mammal highlights included Northern Flying Squirrel and a superb Wolf. 
We are the only UK company running this tour and 2021 dates are going fast! Don’t miss out as 2022 is already fully booked!

Barred Owl, Sax Zim Bog, Minnesota by Chris Townend
Northern Hawk Owl, Sax Zim Bog, Minnesota by Chris Townend
American Three-toed Woodpecker, Sax Zim Bog by Chris Townend
North American Porcupine, Sax Zim Bog, Minnesota by Chris Townend

Wolf, near Grand Marais, Minnesota by Chris Townend

Evening Grosbeak, Sax Zim Bog, Minnesota by Chris Townend
Boreal Chickadee, Minnesota by Chris Townend
Canada Lynx, Minnesota by Chris Townend
Canada Lynx, Minnesota by Chris Townend
Canada Lynx, Minnesota by Chris Townend

Winter in California

We have recently returned from another highly successful winter tour of Northern California. California in winter is a fantastic time to visit and is overlooked by most bird and wildlife watching companies, yet there are so many great spectacles to see!!
These included hundreds of incredibly close shorebirds in San Francisco Bay, plus Surfbird, Black Turnstone and Blackish Oystercatcher in Monterey Bay, the range restricted Ridgway’s Rail, the critically endangered California Condor, Black-footed Albatross, American Dipper, Townsend’s Warbler, Varied Thrush, thousands of Snow and Ross’s Geese, Sandhill Cranes and Yellow-billed Magpie plus much, much more!! Of course the mammals were also a huge highlight with daily Bobcat sightings around Point Reyes, Grey Whales and Northern Right Whale Dolphins in Monterey Bay, family groups of the huge Northern Elephant Seals at their breeding colony and of course the Sea Otters!

This was our second consecutive winter tour to California and the highlights were endless. We recorded over 170 species of bird and 20 species of mammal. Come and join us next year, our maximum group size is only six people too!

Incredible numbers of shorebirds, San Francisco Bay by Chris Townend
The range restricted Ridgway’s Rail, SFO bay by Chris Townend
Drake Surf Scoter, Point Reyes by Chris Townend
Northern Right Whale Dolphins, Monterey by tour participant Doug Yelland
Bobcat, Point Reyes by Chris Townend
A Coyote hunting Gophers, Point Reyes by Chris Townend
Male Varied Thrush, Point Reyes by Chris Townend
Snow and Ross’s Geese, Sacramento Valley by Chris Townend

FEBRUARY 2020: Chile Tour report

Ryan’s trip report is now online, packed with the usual great photos and annotated checklist. Also, read about the finding of the most southerly record of Many-coloured Rush Tyrant discovered on our tour! You can see the tour report HERE
Why not come and join us in 2020?

Great Grebe, Chile by Ryan Irvine
Puma, Chile by Ryan Irvine
King Penguin, Patagonia by Ryan Irvine

JANUARY 2020: Spain and Estonia

We have recently returned from our our very popular short break to Southern Spain searching for Iberian Lynx and birds. It was great success with Lynx sightings every day! We also enjoyed good views of Red and Fallow Deer, Iberian Ibex and Wild Boar.
The birding was equally impressive with highlights including numerous Spanish Imperial Eagles, Golden Eagle, Cinereous Vulture, Iberian Azure-winged Magpie, Iberian Green Woodpecker, Iberian Grey Shrike, Common Cranes, White-headed Duck, Ferruginous Duck, Rock Bunting and many more!

Female Iberian Lynx, Sierra de Andujar by tour participant Roger Wasley

In early January we ran an impromptu trip to Estonia where we came very close to seeing our main target, the elusive Eurasian Lynx! We were a little unlucky with the weather and though unsuccessful with seeing Lynx other mammal highlights included Pine Marten and Racoon Dog. Birds also featured highly with great views of Hazel Grouse and Ural Owl. We learned much about Lynx and our local guide clearly knows the forest inside out and the movements of the Lynx. We will return in March!

Male Hazel Grouse, Estonia by Chris Townend

DECEMBER 2019: Mongolia Tour Report 2

Our August tour to Mongolia is now available to view, packed full of photos and a full species checklist. You can see it HERE

NOVEMBER 2019: Mongolia Tour Report 1

Our July tour to Mongolia is now available to view, packed full of photos and a full species checklist. You can see it HERE

NOVEMBER 2019: Chile Highlights

Ryan reports on the recently returned Wise Birding tour to Chile:
“The inaugural Wise Birding trip to Chile lived up to expectations with stunning wildlife throughout from the Andes, to the Pacific, to Patagonia. The Andes were spectacular, providing a stunning backdrop to some special birds including Magellanic Woodpecker, Crag Chilia, White-throated Tapaculo and of course Andean Condors. The pelagic was incredible with huge numbers of birds including 5 species of Albatross while Pumas (12!!) and King Penguins stole the show in Patagonia, a fantastic end to the trip.”
You can see some photo highlights from this tour HERE

Inca Tern was just one of the Chile tour highlights

NOVEMBER 2019: Uganda Trip Report

Our July tour to Uganda is now available to view, packed full of photos and a full species checklist. You can see it HERE

OCTOBER 2019: Nepal Trip Report

Our tour report to Nepal in April is now available to view HERE


We have just returned from our second Mongolia Tour and what a tour!
We had incredible views of a Snow Leopard at a range of under 300 metres for five hours which was clearly the tour highlight for everyone. As well as two fabulous day Pallas’s Cat encounters! See videos of both below…..
We saw a total of 31 mammal species including Marbled Polecat and two daytime Wolf encounters!
The birds were equally impressive at this time of year with numerous migrants on the move. We found Mongolia’s fifth record of Schrenck’s Bittern as well as more expected species such as Siberian Rubythroat, Eye-browed Thrush, Arctic, Greenish and Two-barred Warblers, Pallas’s Grasshopper Warbler, Asian Brown and Taiga Flycatchers, Chestnut-eared and Yellow-breasted Buntings! Of course we also saw the specialities like Mongolian (Henderson’s) Ground Jay, Saxaul Sparrow, Mongolian (Kozlov’s) Accentor and Pallas’s Sandgrouse too!

We have now completed four tours to this wonderful country during the last two years and based on our experience we have adapted our strategy and timing of our tours to give the best chance of seeing both Snow Leopard and Pallas’s Cat. The timing of our tours also gives a great chance for some exciting birding with many migrants on the move.

The beauty of our tours is that you do not need to travel to far Western Mongolia like so many other tours do. The mountains that we visit in South Gobi have a much higher species diversity than Western Mongolia. Pallas’s Cats are at a high density, Marbled Polecats are recorded regularly and there is also a good diversity of birds including Brown and Mongolian Accentors, Small Snowfinch Eurasian Eagle Owl and more!

The average number of mammals we record per trip is 31 species.
Snow Leopard: 100% success in 2019. Animal watched for 5 hours at 300M and a brief sighting on the first tour.
Pallas’s Cat: 100% success on all tours with numerous day sightings in 2019
Wolf: 100% success in 2019
Marbled Polecat: Seen well 3 out of 4 tours
Long-eared Hedgehog: 100% success on all trips
Wild Ass: 100% success on all trips

Pallas’s Sandgrouse, Mongolian Ground Jay, Mongolian Accentor, White-naped Crane, Demoiselle Crane, Mongolian Lark, Saker Falcon, Amur Falcon, Saxaul Sparrow, Azure Tit, Small Snowfinch, Mongolian Finch and more! 100% on all trips

So come and join us in August / September 2020!
More photos from our recent tours to Mongolia can be seen HERE

Thanks to Tselmeg Tumendelger for sharing these digiscoped videos from our tour 


White-naped Cranes by Chris Townend

We have recently returned from Mongolia where we were successful with seeing some great birds including: Oriental Plover, Henderson’s Ground Jay, Saxaul Sparrow, Mongolian Lark, Lammergeier, Upland Buzzard, Amur and Saker Falcon, Azure Tit, White-crowned Penduline Tit, Small Snowfinch, White-naped Crane, Demoiselle Crane and 6 Hooded Cranes! As always, mammals played a big part in the tour too and we recorded 30 species including Pallas’s Cat and a brief Snow Leopard!
Click on the White-naped Cranes above to see some photo highlights.


Shoebill, Uganda by Chris Townend

We have just returned from a fabulous tour of Uganda where we were treated to over 470 species of birds and an impressive tally of mammals too including a Serval, Gorillas and Chimpanzees! Bird highlights including the magnificent Shoebill, Grauer’s Broadbill and two wonderful Green-breasted Pittas. You can see some of the tour photo highlights by clicking on Photos & Videos on the main menu above. The group voted for the top five birds and Mammals of the trip as follows:


We will be running this tour again in July 2020


Ryan has recently returned from our first tour to Turkey and it was a huge success with all the speciality birds seen very well. Highlights were many but included White-throated Robin, Wallcreeper, Caspian Snowcock, Radde’s Accentor, Red-fronted Serin, Eurasian Crimson-winged Finch, Pale Rock Sparrow, Olive Tree Warbler, Upcher’s Warbler and 3 Brown Fish Owls.


Recently returned from our first tour to Nepal where we had a fantastic time despite some unseasonal weather! Highlights included wonderful views of both male and female Satyr Tragopan, Grey-side Laughing-thrush, Plain-backed Thrush, Yellow-billed Blue Magpie, Siberian Rubythroat, White-browed Piculet, Great Hornbill, Red-headed Trogon, Bengal Florican and Nepal’s only endemic, the Spiny Babbler to name just a few of the birds! Clear mammal highlight was watching a male Tiger marking its territory in Chitwan NP! Other mammals included great views of Sloth Bear, Greater One-horned Rhino, Bengal Fox and Ganjetic River Dolphin.
We will be running a similar tour to this wonderful country in 2020.


Sand Cat, Western Sahara by Chris Townend

Our very recently returned Mostly Mammals Tour to the Western Sahara has just returned. As the name suggests our focus was during the night looking for some of the very special mammals that can be seen in this beautiful part of the world. We saw 10 different mammal species and highlights included two wonderful Sand Cats, two African Wild Cats, four Fennec Foxes, Ruppell’s Fox, Desert Hedgehog, Fat-tailed Gerbil and a great view of the newly described African Golden Wolf! We also saw a good selection of birds including African Dunn’s Lark, Black-crowned Sparrow-Lark, Cricket Warbler, African Desert Warbler and African Royal Tern. Plus some great reptiles including Horned Viper, Spiny-tailed Lizard and Four-spotted Gecko.This was our first mammal focused tour in this region and due to the success this year, we will certainly be running it again in 2020, so please email if interested as our group size is only five people.


Canada Lynx, Minnesota by Chris Townend

We have just returned from our Minnesota Winter Tour where for the 4th consecutive year we were successful in seeing Canada Lynx! This beautiful cat was seen on 5 days as well as a Wolf and a great selection of birds including Snowy Owl and Northern Hawk Owl, Pine and Evening Grosbeaks and Sharp-tailed Grouse. All set in a wonderful winter wonderland. Be sure to book for 2020 soon as we only have 5 places!


Townsend’s Warbler, California by Chris Townend

Our new California in Winter tour has recently returned and was a great success with all the key target species seen. Most wildlife tours to California are in late Summer, but winter is also a great time to visit. Mammal highlights included numerous Grey Whales migrating across Monterey Bay, as well as memorable sightings of Risso’s Dolphins and Sea Otters. A highly impressive visit to the Northern Elephant Seal colony at Ano Nuevo State Park with lots of interaction at this time of year. Then no less than 5 separate sightings of Bobcat at Point Reyes, as well as American Badger, Grey Fox, Racoon and Coyotes. Bird highlights included fabulous views of waders and wildfowl in the SFO Bay Area such as Surfbird, Black Turnstone, Western Sandpiper, Long-billed Curlew, Marbled Godwit, American Avocet, Bufflehead, Surf Scoter and Canvasback. Three California Condors gave great views along the Big Sur Coast and both Rhinoceros and Cassin’s Auklets were seen well during our Monterey Bay boat trip. Perhaps the biggest birding spectacle was seeing thousands of Snow and Ross’s Geese in the Sacramento Valley which was quite simply incredible! Other bird highlights included Townsend’s Warbler, Hermit Warbler, Audubon’s Warbler, Myrtle Warbler, Anna’s Hummingbird, Allen’s Hummingbird, Hermit Thrush, Golden-crowned Sparrow, Prairie Falcon, Northern Harrier, Glaucous-winged Gull, Heerman’s Gull and many more!

Add to this some great scenery, accommodation and seeing Monarch Butterflys at their wintering grounds and it is an all round wildlife holiday – Come and join us in 2020


Yellow-headed Picathartes, Ghana by Chris Townend

We have just returned from a fabulous tour of Ghana. This tour covered the Upper Guinea Forests of Kakum NP, Ankasa, Atewa and Bobiri as well as the drier savannah region to the north where we visited Mole NP, the Tongo Hills and the White Volta River close to the Burkina Faso border. We recorded 409 species of bird of which 395 were seen and 22 mammals. We saw some high quality species with both Black Dwarf Hornbill and Red-billed Dwarf Hornbill, Brown Nightjar, Red-fronted Antpecker, Yellow-footed Honeyguide, Yellow-throated Cuckoo, Blue Moustached Bee-Eater, Rosy Bee-Eater, Black Bee-Eater, Chocolate-backed Kingfisher, Congo Serpent Eagle, Red-chested Owlet, Akun Eagle Owl, Fraser’s Eagle Owl, Fox Kestrel and of course the two must see birds, Yellow-headed Picathartes and Egyptian Plover! Plus numerous Greenbuls and Bristlebills.Mammal highlights included Lesser Spot-nosed Monkey, Lowe’s Monkey, Olive Colobus, Patas Monkey, Bushbuck and Common Potto. Join us again on this itinerary in 2020.


Oriental Plover, Mongolian Steppe by Chris Townend

We have just returned from our first two tours to Mongolia and what a fabulous country! A feeling of vast open space that you get in very few places in the world. The scenery is hugely impressive and ever changing during each journey. The people are exceptionally friendly and the food is very good too. Then of course there is the wildlife which is top class! As always we focused on birds and mammals and during the month.

We recorded 174 birds and just some of the highlights included: Oriental Plovers, Mongolian Ground Jay, Saxaul Sparrow, Pallas’s Sandgrouse, Daurian Partridge, Demoiselle Crane, White-naped Crane, Mongolian Lark, Mongolian Accentor, Brown Accentor, Wallcreeper, Amur Falcon, Saker Falcon, Lammergeier, Azure Tit, White-crowned Penduline Tit, Red-throated Flycatcher, Rufous-throated Thrush plus numerous breeding plumaged waders such including Greater Sandplover, Long-toed Stint, Sharp-tailed Sandpiper, Grey-tailed Tattler, Asian Dowitcher and finding the country’s 3rd Great Knot.
We recorded 34 mammals and just some of the highlights included: An impressive 4 Pallas’s Cats, an incredible 6 Marbled Polecats, Mongolian Wild Ass, Przewalski’s Horse, Siberian Ibex, Siberian Marmot, Long-eared Hedgehog, Argali, Desert Hamster, Siberian Jerboa, Five-toed Pygmy Jerboa, Corsac Fox, Wolf, Mongolian Gazelle and Goitered Gazelle.

Snow Leopard was recorded by our local guide (see photo below) during the first tour and was regular on our trail camera on the second tour, but frustratingly not seen by the group. Exceptional torrential rain greatly hampered our chances of a Snow Leopard coming to drink at our exclusive site. The rain even resulted in miraculously re-creating a lake overnight that had been dry for 20 years! Ultimately, we were unlucky and cats are always difficult, but we are determined not to end the story here. The area we visit clearly has a good population of Snow Leopards and we believe offers potentially much closer viewing than those visiting other regions of Mongolia.


We have recently returned from another tour to Finland for Wolverines and Bears plus this year’s new extension to see the endangered Saimaa Ringed Seal (one of only 3 species of freshwater seals in the world). The tour was great success with at least 4 different Wolverines seen, a single European Brown Bear and 2 Saimaa Ringed Seals plus a bonus of two different Ural Owls! Other highlights included Common Crane, Honey Buzzard, Hazel Grouse and Red-breasted Flycatcher. Come and join us next year for this popular short break.


Back from another successful visit to the Western Sahara where we enjoyed a fabulous tour full of specialities and some great migration spectacles. An impressive tally of 126 birds and 10 mammals. Just some of the highlights included: Golden Nightjar, African Dunn’s Lark, Sudan Golden Sparrow, Cricket Warbler and African Royal Tern. Plus numerous migrating Bluethroats, Subalpine Warblers, Wrynecks, Redstarts as well as a couple of surprises in the form of a Spotted Crake and the first Great Bittern seen in the region! Mammals were exceptional too with great views of Sand Cat, African Wildcat, Fennec and Ruppell’s Fox and Atlantic Hump-backed Dolphin! A good selection of reptiles were also seen including Sand Viper and Spiny-tailed Lizard.


Just returned from an exceptional tour to Minnesota! This winter tour focuses on trying to see Canada Lynx & Owls and we were overwhelmed with numerous views of both! We enjoyed a total of 7 Canada Lynx encounters and the third tour in a row that we have been successful in seeing this, usually very difficult cat. A combination of warmer weather, good Snowshoe Hare numbers and long hours in the field produced the key target. The owls were fabulous too with 4 Snowy Owls, 2 Great Grey Owls, Northern Hawk Owl and Boreal Owl. Other highlights included Harlequin Duck, Bufflehead, Spruce Grouse, Ruffed Grouse and Sharp-tailed Grouse, Rough-legged Buzzard, Evening Grosbeak, Pine Grosbeak, Arctic Redpoll, Black-backed Woodpecker and Red-bellied Woodpecker. In addition to Lynx other mammals included Bobcat, Northern Flying Squirrel, Moose, Snowshoe Hare and American Marten! Just 3 places left for 2019 – Highlights from Tour below!