Juvenile Saker Falcon, Mongolia

We are unable to book flights for your Wise Birding Holidays as we do not have an Air Travel Organiser’s Licence or ATOL. However, we are very proud to direct you to our good friend, fellow birder and Travel Consultant Sacha Barbato. Our customers enjoy this greater flexibility which allows them to sometimes extend their stay, either before or after the tour.

Sacha is an independent travel agent covered by the Travel Counsellors and the vast majority of Wise Birding clients choose to book their flights through him, due to his excellent service and expertise. We regularly liaise with Sacha so he is always up to date with our tour itineraries. Therefore he knows the best flights that best fit our tour dates. More importantly, he will look after you in the event of any flight delays, disruptions or problems that may arise. He can also advise on travel insurance. 
Contact Sacha for a free quote: www.travelcounsellors.co.uk/sacha.barbato

He is also a keen birder and has visited over forty countries across six continents in pursuit of birds and wildlife. His experiences have included hiking and white water rafting in The Himalayas, skydiving over the Grand Canyon, swimming with Manta Rays in Fiji, whale and dolphin watching off the coast of California and throughout New Zealand and Australia. He has seen many of the world’s rarest birds like Spoon-billed Sandpipers and Bali Starling.

Important points when booking flights:

1 – All flights booked independently or through Sacha are completely separate to the Wise Birding Holiday package that you book with us.

2 – Do not book your flight until we have confirmed to you in writing that the tour has reached the minimum number required for the tour to go.

3 – It is your responsibility to organise a suitable flight that will allow you sufficient time to meet on the tour start date at the designated meeting point, usually the destination airport.
These details will be  in the tour information documents that we send you once the tour is confirmed.